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Surgical Instruments can never be made perfectly unless one has experience. At Sk Scientific And Surgicals, we are working in synchronization with a batch of experts who are creating some of the finest array of Lab and Pharmacy instruments since over 26 years. Thanks to the innovative minds, we are able to devise a revolutionary array of goods, each of which match the laid down safety standards, perfectly. Based in Ambala Cantt, Haryana, the devices which we manufacture are known for their strong resistance towards corrosion. Thanks to their outstanding durability aspect, these goods are a top choice among colleges, school labs, hospital and other pharmacies.

Products Offered By Us

Engineered to a level of perfection, these instruments which are offered by Sk Scientific And Surgicals would yield you with precision-driven results guaranteed! The items which we offer include-

Medical Instruments

  • Ampule Filling And sealing Device
  • Ampule Washing Device, Jet & Needle Type
  • Animal Weighing Machine
  • Antibiotic Zone Reader
  • Apparatus For Isolated Rabbit Intestine
  • Apparatus For Isolated Uterus Intestine
  • Assembly For Perfusion of Excised Mammalian Heart
  • Autopsy Table
  • B.M.R Apparatus
  • Ball Mill
  • Basal Metabolism Apparatus
  • Bicycle Ergometer
  • Brodies Operating Table
  • Bulk Density Apparatus
  • Capsule Filling Machine
  • Collapsible Tube Crimping & Sealing Machine
  • Collapsible Tube Filling Machine
  • Dales Bath
  • Digital Kymograph
  • Digital Photoactometer
  • Disintegration tests Apparatus
  • Dissection Instruments-Complete Set Of 17 Instruments
  • Dissection Table
  • Dissolution Rate Test Equipment(Single test unit)
  • Dissolution Rate Test Equipment(Six test unit)
  • Dissolution Rate Test Equipment(Three test unit)
  • Doubois Ergograph
  • Eddys Hot Plate
  • Electrical E12 Kymograph
  • Electrical E8 Kymograph
  • Four Unit Isolated Organ Bath
  • Freezing Microtome Table Mounting
  • Frog Board
  • Hand Grinding Mill
  • Histanine Chamber
  • Jumpimg Box
  • Lister Perimeter
  • Meat Cutting Machine
  • Modern operation Table
  • Mosso Ergograph
  • Motor Drive Dis-integrator
  • Nerve muscle Assembly
  • Persitely perimeter
  • Pneumograph/Stethograph
  • Polishing Pan
  • Rabbit operation Table
  • Rat operation Table
  • Respiration Pump
  • Rotarod Operators
  • Spirometer
  • Student Animal operation Table
  • Student Organ Bath
  • Student Physiograph Single Channel
  • Student Stimulator
  • Super Speed Kymograph
  • Swimming test operators
  • Tablate Hardness Tester
  • Table Counting Device
  • Tablet Coating Pan
  • Tablet Friability Test Apparatus
  • Tablet Machine (Electrically Operator)
  • Tablet Machine (Hand Operator)
  • Tincture Press
  • Two Unit Isolated Organ Bath

Laboratory Instruments

  • Autoclave Vertical Double Drum
  • Bod Incubator
  • Bod Incubator Shaker
  • Climate Chamber
  • Cold room
  • Constant Temperature Bath
  • Cooling Water Bath
  • Deep Freezer
  • Environmental Chamber
  • Humidity Chamber
  • Laboratory Incinerator
  • Laboratory Refrigerator
  • Memmert Incubator
  • Memmert Oven
  • Mortuary Chamber
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Plant Growth Chamber
  • Rotary Shaker
  • Seed Germination Chamber
  • Stability Chambe Mortuary Chamber
  • Walk In Incubator
  • Water Bath

Clean Air Equipment

  • Air Curtain
  • Bio-safety Cabinet ( Class I,II,III )
  • Ceiling Laminar Air Flow
  • Dispensing Booth
  • Ductless Hood
  • Fume Hood
  • Garment Storage Cabinet
  • Hanging Laminar Air Flow
  • Horizontal Laminar Air Flow
  • OT Laminar Air Flow
  • Pass Box
  • Vertical Laminar Air Flow

Blood Bank Instruments

  • Blood Bank Refrigerators
  • Blood Bank Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
  • Blood Donor Couch
  • Blood Mixer
  • Plasma Expressor
  • Plasma Thawing Bath
  • Platelet Agitator With Incubator
  • Platelet Incubator

Why Choose Us?

One of the best providers in this line of work, we believe in exceeding the expectations of each patron and thus go to any extent in order to attain this goal. A few aspects for which we are highly acknowledged are-

  • Trusted vendor base
  • Ethical business practices
  • Advanced infrastructural facilities
  • Competitive pricing structure

Key Facts

Year of Establishment


Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Number of Production Units


Original Equipment Manufacturer


Number of Employees


Number of Engineers


Number of Designers


Export Market


Export Percentage

50 percent


State Bank of Patiala

Standard Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

Central Sales Tax Number


Annual Turnover

Rs. 1 Crore